Friday, February 13, 2015

For My Valentine

I thought I would drop in quickly to share what I am giving to my husband tomorrow. He doesn't read my blog unless I link him to a post, so I think I'm safe to share. I'd love to know what you're giving out to your significant other or close friends. Always gives me ideas in the future!

heart brownies open when letters love valentines

heart brownies sprinkles valentines
^ Heart-shaped brownies with sprinkles, because sprinkles makes everything better. Always.
open when letters pinterest inspired love valentines
^ "Open when..." letters. I got this idea from Pinterest. I used some stationery from Target and themed the envelopes and letters. For example, there is one for him to open when he's worried, when he wants a date night, and when he needs a pick me up. My personal favorite one that I included is for when he feels naughty. That one is going to be fun, what can I say?! ;)

I've made these homemade peanut butter cups a few times and they always go over well, if you want something quick and easy to make last-minute. Happy Valentine's Day! I will be back to blogging on Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday here. I hope you all have a great weekend.


Wendy Banner said...

Soooo cute! My hubby worked Valentines Day, but we're fuddy duddies, and don't really do anything crazy for it. We had a nice dinner of crab legs and all the trimmings when he was off. And I serenaded him with our song, "We Go Together" from Grease. See, we don't even have a romantic "our song". That's how we roll!

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