Monday, August 11, 2014

New layout is live!

I wanted to go down a simplistic route with my layout this time. I am loving radiant orchid being Pantone's Color of the Year and really wanted to incorporate it. I have also updated my sidebar, graphics, and fonts. Please let me know if something does not load properly.

Some of the coding drove me crazy this time around, but I think I finally have it all working. Something always has to go backwards when doing coding, I swear. But oh how great that feeling is when that light bulb goes off and you figure it out!


Wendy Banner said...

LOVE the new layout! So simple yet the purple is such a nice pop of color :) And the design between Fashionable and Heart really suits your blog.

Wendy Banner said...

I like it! It's simple but feels very personalized, if that makes sense.

Wendy Banner said...

Gorgeous new layout!! I guess tis the season for making the blog new :)

xo Jackie

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