Friday, July 25, 2014


Time to share some recent pictures from my Instagram account. I don't think any app will ever top my addiction and adoration that I have toward IG. I never get tired of opening it and looking at pretty pictures and inspiration!

If you are on there and not following me, I'm "wendybanner". I follow back all legit accounts (i.e. not selling those darn body wraps, posting only pics that aren't your own, etc.), and I especially love following you guys. Our pictures can say a lot about us!

1. Practicing Bolero on my flute to participate in Toronto's Luminato Festival. Post up on that soon!
2. My MIL's lilacs.
3. Enjoying a quiet moment!
4. Love these!
5. Positivity is key.
6. Cookout OOTD. Shirt - Old Navy. Sweater - Target. Shorts - Torrid.
7. My June favorites.
8. Jade's last day without a furry sibling.
9. The world is too beautiful to not explore!
10. Indy sleeps the day away...and night.
11. A good mantra to have.
12. Sent my husband to get my free drink and they corrected the cup when they found out! Love!

If you do Instagram catch-up posts, link me to them. Let's hook up on there!


Wendy Banner said...

I can practically smell the lilacs in that picture, haha. The house I grew up in had a big lilac bush in the yard so that scent is pretty engrained in my memory!

Wendy Banner said...

I definitely love your Instagram and outfit posts Wendy =^^= And don't feel bad, I'm addicted too.

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