Monday, June 9, 2014

Adding Personal Touches to Your Home

If you're not a new reader, then you already know that I recently moved (because do I ever stop talking about it?!). I have made the downstairs my major project, before moving upstairs to the bedrooms. A little at a time! I finally have the furniture where I am happy with it and all but one room is painted. And now I can't help but let my eyes rest on the bare walls and lack of personal touches throughout. It's time to make this place look like a home!

I have not pulled the trigger yet, aside from a few things here and there. The rest of the walls are a blank canvas! I'd love to get a gallery wall going up and down the stairs, though my OCD makes me terrified of not getting it perfect. I'm going to battle through that!

I like to consider myself a photographer and would love to get some of my own prints hanging up. I want most of the family pictures to be part of the gallery wall. There are so many ways to incorporate these things around your house now, though.

In this post, I'm going to share a few things that I am hoping to get to make this place look like somebody lives here. One of the websites that I enjoy visiting for personalized products is Shutterfly. They offer so many products that you can easily customize for your taste. I want it all!

Adding Personal Touches to Your Home
Pillows - How cute is this personalized family rules throw cushion?!
Coasters - I have a set of glass photo coasters and they always start conversations.
Canvas prints - I really want a few photo canvases up in my place.
Photo books - I love these things! I am so bad about getting pictures developed and adding them to albums.
Monogram table runner - Come on, it's monogram. Need I say more?

Others Ways I Want to Add Personal Touches:
Greenery - I have a nonexistent green thumb, so I need something I can't kill! Ha!
Colorful master closet - I want to make it pretty. (I don't share it with my husband,  by the way.) ;)
Painting old furniture - I'm attacking my husband's dresser next. A new coat of paint and drawer pulls!
Sports themed room - The guest and office room is also my husband's man cave.
Pretty sure my husband would love this type of sports room, but dedicated to the Toronto Maple Leafs. I'm not sure that he'd ever want to leave it! Picture via DIY Network.

There are other things I want to do and it will all happen in time. I'm just bad at the waiting part! I'm really happy that we bought a fixer-upper because it has allowed us to not have that excuse to sit back and just settle. This place is our oyster!

**The context of this post is my own, I have not received products from Shutterfly, and I am not being paid. There are no affiliate links in this post.


Wendy Banner said...

I want to make a photo book of each of my nieces & nephews one day. It would be wonderful to look back on their lives from birth to teenagers.

I really want a sports cave of my own so I can a few TV's and never miss a game of any of my teams and I would love to decorate with sports memorabilia of the teams I root for.

Amy @

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