Friday, January 31, 2014

We found a home!

Oh my goodness, it's finally happening! You guys have stuck through my complaints for months and it's finally happening. Our offer has been approved on a place and we're moving by the end of February! We saw the place on Monday and put in an offer. I didn't want to jinx it because I am highly superstitious, so we kept it to ourselves while dealing with a bidding war. I thought for sure we'd lose, but we got the call last night from our realtor that we won.

I cannot tell you what a relief it is. It's scary and highly stressful to know you have to be out of your place and not have somewhere to go. We've been so high-strung for the past few weeks and this place just fell into our laps. Don't you love when that happens? I was praying so hard and it feels like every prayer was answered.

The best part? The place was a bank sale, so we got a great deal. It needs a bit of work, but I'm looking forward to making it my project for the next while. I've been in full nesting mode, scouring Pinterest, home blogs, Houzz, Ikea, etc. The building isn't perfect, but the unit offers just what we need. It's inside that counts! We are moving from a 2 bed/2 bath flat condo to a 3 bed/2 bath two-storey condo townhouse. More room, more closet space, bigger kitchen...yes, please! And it allows dogs, so you better expect pictures of a new puppy in a few months because it is happening!

You can tell my excitement through this post, right? I can't compose myself. This grin may be permanently on my face for awhile! I feel the need to reiterate that with this move, I may not be able to post as much for the month of February. I'll do my best, but it will be hard when my life is being packed up. I thought I might share some of my moving tips and a little about the move with you as we go, if you would be interested. Before and after shots, organizing tips, home decor inspiration pictures, that sort of thing. I can intersperse them in my lifestyle posts. Just an idea!

I am looking forward to this new place and making new memories and just making it completely ours. I like where we are now, but I never truly loved it. We have lived here for eight years and it was our first place that we bought together. I find myself being so sentimental about leaving, but this new townhouse is a good fit. A better fit. 

And if you want to hear more of my daily ramblings when I'm not able to blog, I'll still be glued to my phone and on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Let's hope for a smooth move and transition!


Linh said...

That's wonderful, Wendy! I'm so glad to hear that everything worked out for you guys!

Are you planning to do some home decor posts?

Best wishes!!!!

. said...

Sounds amazing! Can't wait to see posts about it
love victoriajanex

R. said...

Yay, congratulations! I hope you share some of your home decorating adventures. :)

Unknown said...

Awwwh congrats!!! All the best in your new home :)


Jackie said...

Oh yay!! Congratulations on finding a new home!! Moving is seriously the craziest time, but it's so exciting as well.

My first thought would be puppy also :)

xo Jackie
Something About That

Wendy Banner said...

Thank you all sooooo much!

Linh- That's the plan!

Jackie- Yesss! I've gone far too long without a dog. Having grown up with them all of my life, I'm dying to get my hands on a little barking furface again. :D

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