Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Old Navy Black Friday Haul

During the Black Friday weekend, Old Navy offered up to 50% off of almost everything online. I actually didn't get to take advantage of the 50% off on that Friday, but I definitely took advantage of the 40% off on the Saturday.

Here's stock pictures of everything first to show off the details!

Unfortunately, the LBD was in petite sizing. I always notice these things, but it wasn't easily noticeable this time. Usually when you click on an item on the website, it goes straight to "regular" sizing. For whatever reason, this dress went straight to petite sizing and I overlooked it. It fits everywhere, but I'm 5'9" it puts things on display that I don't want shown, if you know what I mean! It is disappointing because I was going to wear it to one of my holiday parties, but I'm returning it this weekend in-store. Fingers crossed I find a suitable substitute!
I am loving fair isle right now. Like it's a serious love affair happening. I can't get enough! I'm between sizing of the regular line and the plus line, so I can buy from either or. With the sweater, I went with the plus sizing because it has a longer length. I love longer sweaters. I already had a pair of ON's lounge leggings that I practically live in and I love the print on these. The snowflake shorts were too cute to pass up. And I own mostly dark wash and black jeans, so I decided I wanted a pair that were a bit lighter for variation.
And lastly, I picked out a pair of tech gloves. I chose gray simply because I figured it would go with most of my coats and scarves. Winter in Canada can be brutal and I get tired of pulling my gloves off every time I need to check my phone. Enter these bad boys with the special threading that acts like your finger. Now I can stay warm and still be an iPhone addict. The inventors of these gloves get me. They just get me.


Aly said...

That sweater is so cute!

Janine said...

I love those fairisle leggings! I can't find them on the Canadian Old Navy website though. :(

Jackie said...

That's such a cute sweater!!

UGH winter. I have texting gloves too, and when I wore them today, my fingers still felt like they were frost bit.

xoxo Jackie
Something About That

Wendy Banner said...

@Aly - And soft! If you can find it in stock, get it. Obsessed!

@Janine - I noticed they sold out in that print. They still have the red ones. They may still have a few in stores. So comfy!

@Jackie- That's Canada for ya! ;) Though I do love the cold...just not cold hands!

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