Monday, November 11, 2013

Old Navy Fall 2013 Haul

I went to Old Navy over the weekend while the whole store was 30% off. You didn't think I'd pass that up, did you? Obsessed! I understand if Old Navy isn't up to the standards of some fashion bloggers, but I believe that you can look stylish and pulled together on any budget. If accessorized properly, you can make a $5 shirt look like it's $100. And if going for the trendier items, you're doing your wallet a favor by shopping at stores like American Eagle, F21, etc. I do believe in a balance of high and low, but I looove saving money.

I stocked up on a few layering pieces and a sweater dress. Sweater dresses, leggings, and boots are one of my go-to outfits for autumn and winter. Such an easy and instant way to look put together! I took myself out of my comfort zone with buying the poncho. I wore it yesterday while out and fell in love. So comfortable and warm! Now I find myself wanting the dark gray one!

fall 2013 dress shirts animal
Polar bear sweatshirt - here. (We all know my love of polar bears by now, right?!)
Thermal bear and deer shirts - here.
Funnel-neck poncho - here.
Cable-knit sweater dress - here.

Have you stocked up on any new layering pieces to get you through the colder weather? It's still cold rain here, but I'm looking forward to our first snowfall!


R. said...

Old Navy is great for basic pieces like shirts, sweaters etc. And that sweater dress looks great :) I like the designs of some of their "funkier" pieces, but the problem with those is that you might run into a dozen people wearing the same thing as you! I got this unusual-looking spotted pink dress from them a couple of years ago, and I swear to you that I would see at least one other person out in public each week wearing the same thing. On one hand it's weird to be face-to-face with a stranger wearing the same dress as you, but on the other it's nice to know that you weren't the only one to find it cute, lol.

Unknown said...

I really like that funnel-neck poncho!! I don't live by an old navy but they are building one at the mall that's conveniently but also dangerously right across the street. When I am by an Old Navy, I do love shopping their basics and accessories:)

Fabulously Thrifty said...

I love the polar bear shirt!!!

kpsays said...

I love any article of clothing with animals! I haven't been to Old Navy in ages! I always go to TJ Maxx! You did a great job on your choices!

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