Thursday, November 7, 2013

B&BW, Drugstore, and Book Haul

We signed the papers to put our condo on the market and I was in a celebratory mood! And then our place actually went live on the housing market and I had a massive panic attack. I think that describes the selling/buying aspect to a tee, actually. It's a high, a low, and a whole mess of in between!

So during the celebratory moment, I might have done a bit of retail therapy. And guess what...

So read on if you want to see what I picked up at Bath & Body Works, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Chapters! :)

^ I went in to stock up on the fall scents before they went away for another year. I have to stock up on Leaves. It's not even an option. I was so excited to walk in and find all of the fall scents on for 50% off! So I bought two minis each of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Harvest Coffee and four small candles of Leaves. I also got two Wallflowers in Leaves and one Wallflower and oil in Marshmallow Fireside. This girl right here is ready for the rest of autumn and winter now!
^ This is totally a guilty pleasure. I go from loving this series to cringing quite often with it, but I can't stop reading it. It's book 11 and I've come too far to back out now. Haha!
^ As for beauty products, the base coat and polish remover were necessary. I finished my last remover and my Seche Vite base coat is nearly gone. I have had such a wonderful experience with Essie's Good to Go top coat that I thought I would try the base one! Color me intrigued with the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes. I grabbed the most neutral one called All Yarned Up. I can't stand textured nails, so I'll definitely be applying a thick layer of top coat.

I finally picked up an Apocalips after hearing all of the raving about them for months! The one I picked out is Nova and I'll review it on the blog shortly. I love the Hunger Games so of course this Flamed Up mascara jumped out at me. I'm not hearing too many good reviews on this, so I'm excited to see if I agree with the masses or the minority!

That's my haul! I'm actually trying not to buy too much right now since whatever I buy just has to be packed up and moved in the next while. I wish I had a genie and I could use the three wishes to pack, sell/buy, and move!


Anonymous said...

Those candles! Ugh I hate that I can't get B&BW in Belgium :-( I have a couple of candles left but they're all from the spring collection. That fuzzy coat looks so cute! I'm totally with you on that thick layer of top coat though ;-)

Stephanie said...

Great pick up items :) The Apocalips is one Ive heard so many praises for. The packaging for that mascara is so adorable :)

R. said...

Oh man, those candles! It is so difficult to stop shopping before you move... we moved last year in the beginning of December, so I ended up having to pack all of the holiday gifts I'd accumulated in a box labelled "OPEN THIS AND YOU DIE!" Haha.

Wendy Banner said...

@findinnerbeauty - Is there a way to order them online that is cheap enough? I hate when stores I love aren't available to me or don't ship here!

@Stephanie - Right? They are everywhere, so I had to melt down and see what the fuss is about! ;)

@Rebecca - Seriously! And because I'm in serious nesting mode, I especially keep wanting new home things and I smack myself over it and put them back. Haha!

So happy to hear we aren't the only crazy ones to move during the holiday season! I'm trying to keep our gifts together and am still deciding if it is worth putting up at least our small tree. I think I'll feel cheated if we don't put something up. I absolutely love the box idea, though it would definitely be my husband doing that to me as I'm a total snoop. :D

kpsays said...

We were lucky when we sold our last house to move into this one. It sold in 4 weeks! I don't know what the real estate market is like in Canada, but I wish you luck!! Starting over in a new place is exciting/overwhelming!

Next on my list of things to buy is the Essie base coat! I have 2 Essie top coats, but no base (I think I thought I was buying one of each, but got 2 top coats instead!).

I love your blog, and so sorry I was so behind reading! xoxo

Unknown said...


THOSE CANDLES! I love Bath and Body Works. Just picked up some essential Christmas smelling handsoaps this week!

Thanks for the Twitter Follow! If you haven't yet, check out the blog:


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