Friday, October 25, 2013

Currently Loving #2 - Fall Edition!

I'm going to call this a fall edition of "Currently Loving", seeing as three out of five of these are things I give the most attention to when chilly weather arrives! I wish I could live in a world where it was autumn forever. I don't think there will ever be a time when I don't consider it my favorite season. Sweater weather, burning candles, leaves changing colors, warm pajamas...I could go on and on about it all. Heck, you're probably all sick of me rambling about it. But it's just all sooooo good.

Here are a few of my favorite things as of late!

^ Macarons. I love them year-round, but I've splurged on a few this last month. I found some downtown on Wednesday that were amazing. I tried pumpkin spice, apple crumble, and a salted caramel one. I love finding the unique ones that you can't just find at any bakery. The ones above are from the Baking and Sweets Show I went to. Those were chocolate hazelnut, cookies 'n cream, pistachio, and red velvet.
Starbucks PSL
^ PSLs. Honestly, pumpkin anything. Yep, I'm one of those people. When September to November is here, give me my pumpkin and no one will get hurt!
cinnamon sugared donut candle Slatkin & Co.
^ Candles. I enjoy candles year-round, but I burn them the most during the fall and winter. Right now, I have a Leaves candle from Bath & Body Works burning. I didn't like the smell at first, but it smells amazing when being used. It's now one of my favorite scents for the house! Not surprisingly, pumpkin is high on that list also.
movie date drive-in theatre oakville ontario
^ Movie dates! We went to see a triple feature at the drive-in during Canada's Thanksgiving weekend. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Captain Phillips, and Grease. Grease is one of my absolute favorite movies. I've seen it probably over a 100 times and listen to the soundtrack more than what some would consider a normal amount. To have seen it at a drive-in was a dream come true. It was PERFECTION, and yes that needed to be in all caps. :)

On Wednesday, we attended the advanced screening of Bad Grandpa. I talked about that in a previous post. I went in blindly not having seen any previous Jackass branded shows before. I expected vulgar humor and language, which was definitely present in the movie. It had a pretty decent storyline and funny moments. The facial expressions of the victims of the pranks and jokes were priceless and the best part of the movie for me!
fall weather farm
^ Autumn weather and colors! Scenery like this makes my heart sing.

And finally, Lorde's music! I love Royals just as much as everyone else, but have you heard her other gems? She is one of the most talented musicians I've come across in a long while. Bravado, The Love Club, Swingin' Party, and Tennis Court are among my favorites. The EP below has some of my favorites and I do suggest looking up the others on YouTube and having a listen. So very good!


ArtisansintheAndes said...

Salted caramel macaroons! Those sound just amazing. I wonder if there is a recipe on Pintrest?

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness that candle looks amazing!


Jackie said...

Can you believe I've never tried a Macaron before?!

I'm all about the pumpkin too, and think I'll be thrown off my game a bit when PSL goes away for another year...

xoxo Jackie

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