Friday, October 4, 2013

Beautifully Disney Love's First Kiss Lipgloss

Continuing with my haul from Beautifully Disney, here is Love's First Kiss. Part of the Wickedly Beautiful Collection, this is based on Snow White. Here are my swatches!

Love's First Kiss

Love's First Kiss
 ^ One thing I would have preferred is the outer design to not be a sticker.
Love's First Kiss
 ^ For some reason, the bottom of mine was a little sticky and picking up everything. I've since used some Goo Gone and it's not sticky anymore. Must have been the glue from the sticker mixed with the humidity of Florida. Nothing worth fussing over, though! I love the apple at the top of the lipgloss wand.
Love's First Kiss
^ Bare lips, Love's First Kiss by itself, hand swatch.

Such a pretty pink! I'm surprised Snow White's lipgloss wasn't a bit more of a reddish pink, but this pink is great for everyday use. I don't find it to be overly sticky or thick.


Stephanie said...

What a lovely shade :) The packaging is so adorable too!

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