Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Toronto's Centre Island

On Sunday, we went to Toronto's Centre Island. I don't go to them often, as this was probably my first time in maybe three years. You have to take a fifteen minute ferry ride to get to them and you're subjected to beautiful views of the skyline. This post works hand-in-hand with today's post on my photography blog, so if you want to see more pictures- click here. Please? :)

^The building beside the CN Tower is the Rogers Centre (formerly SkyDome). The roof was open because the Blue Jays were playing a baseball game. The roof opens and closes to accommodate weather. I love when it is open!
^ The foal in the background? Adorable. He came up to the fence and I was able to pet him. He was as soft as a teddy bear and I want him!

^ Jake! He was there last time. Such a sweet donkey!

^ And the skyline at night. The roof is closed on the Rogers Centre and everything is lit up. So pretty!


Rachael said...

What a gorgeous city skyline, I love the night time shot those are my favourite to try and capture myself!

Unknown said...

Wow so beautiful.
Lovely photos.

Audrey said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing those photos. The skyline's beautiful. I dream one day to live and work in Canada. I do have relatives in Scarborough. Take care you! And keep on blogging!


Unknown said...

It looks gorgeous! I haven't explored North America neaaaaarly enough, I can't wait to get to Canada xx

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