Friday, September 27, 2013

Beautifully Disney L'Amour Mauve Eyeshadow Palette

In my last post, I mentioned the L'Amour Mauve palette from the Unlock the Spell collection of Beautifully Disney. Seriously, I can't keep these mini collections straight. So far there is Wickedly Beautiful, Unlock the Spell, and Fiery Spirit. My items were split between Unlock the Spell and Wickedly Beautiful. Unlock the Spell is a small collection based on Tiana, Belle and Rapunzel. Belle is my homegirl! We've all got a favorite, and Belle is mine. Beauty and the Beast will always be one of my most-loved fairy tales.

You can find the Beautifully Disney makeup line at the parks and online. Some of the products are listed on The Disney Store, as well. This palette is no longer listed, but with a search I did find it on eBates and Magical Ears Collectibles.

eyeshadow palette
Here are my swatches!
eyeshadow palette

eyeshadow palette
^ I do wish the eyeshadows were individually named.
eyeshadow palette
^ The casing is durable cardboard with a magnetic closure. The inside of the palette lacks a mirror, but has the logo.
eyeshadow palette

eyeshadow palette

eyeshadow palette

eyeshadow palette
^ Eyeshadow #1, #2, #3, and #4.

I am pleasantly surprised by the quality. These remind me of Wet 'n' Wild's formula. They are soft, smooth, easy to blend, and very pigmented. I've heard they are easy to chip, so I probably wouldn't travel with it. They are also cruelty-free. How exciting for Disney to dip their feet into the cosmetics world with their own line!


LB said...

I'll probably skip these, I already have a lot of colours similar to them. I do however love the Disney Collection at Sephora.

Linh said...

How did I not know these existed?!!!!

kpsays said...

I LOVE palettes! These colors are gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

I never knew Disney sold makeup at the park!


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