Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall 2013 Trends

Today I am sharing a handful of my favorite trends for this upcoming fall season. A lot of the trends I gravitate to are classic pieces each season. Ones that can be reused year after year. I don't mind getting a few trendy pieces that are one-offs, but I will not spend top dollar on them. Luckily, this fall, the trends are mostly classic pieces. Because of that, this upcoming season is full of easy ways to work with what you most likely already own. I love when that happens!

  1. Leather jackets - Or faux leather. I have a faux leather jacket that I've had for two or three years in a light gray color. It works with everything!
  2. Statement necklaces - These aren't going anywhere yet.
  3. Leopard print - Treat it like a neutral, but don't overdo it. One article of leopard print per outfit, please.
  4. Colorful satchels - Oh, how I love the shape of the new satchels these days. And a pop of color is very welcome this fall, especially when going with the black and white trend.
  5. Matte nails - I have a love/hate relationship with them, but they are a fun change. I have this Essie top coat and it works great!
  6. Black and white - The easiest trend ever. Not to mention, very forgiving for every figure! Even better to work the trend into a cozy knit, which is also one of the bigger trends.
  7. Hats - I love seeing the slouchy hats and beanies. Perfect for chilly days or when your hair just won't cooperate. 
  8. Animal motif sweaters - These also aren't going anywhere. Especially horses, foxes, and zebras. As a huge animal lover, I am very happy to see this trend stick around. I'd still wear cute animals on anything at any time, but they are so much easier to find when they are popular with the masses. 
What are some of your favorite trends for this autumn? One thing is for sure, fall fashion has and always will be my favorite!


Victoria Burbulea said...

loved your trend list!!
just followed you on GFC :)

Emily said...

I love the leather jacket!!! I am so ready for fall.


Unknown said...

Love your picks!
My favourite is the bag and leather jacket.

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