Friday, August 23, 2013

Currently: On My Nails

I thought I'd do my next post in my "currently" series on what is currently on my nails. Last week I did a white mani, which is very popular right now! Do you like white nails? I wanted to keep up with the lighter end of the spectrum, because I typically gravitate towards the darker shades in the fall. Have to enjoy my pastels while I still can!

 ^ The Way TuTu His Heart was a limited edition shade. I thought I'd love it based on the color, but I hate the formula. It is very streaky. I sometimes wear it over a white polish to help, but most of the time I just layer a glitter polish over it like I've done here. I believe Essie's Fiji would be a decent dupe! Revlon's Starry Pink is one of my favorites. It's now been renamed Popular, if I'm not mistaken. It's still the same gorgeous jelly pink glitter polish, though.
My nails are at an in-between length. I don't like them too long and I was always a nail-biter since the age of two. I've since broke myself of that habit about two years ago, but sometimes I have an occasional setback and bite again. A little over a week ago I allowed a lot of stress to get to me and...hey, it happens. I still consider myself to have beaten the habit, because it's no longer an overwhelming urge and I don't rely on it. I'll allow an occasional relapse because it's not worth beating myself up over. I just start the process of growing them out all over again and move forward.

Do you bite your nails? Have you been successful in breaking the habit? It certainly is a difficult one to do so!


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