Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday Haul Pt. 2: Home and Misc.

This weekend my husband took me shopping to spend my birthday money and whatnot. Can I just say yay for giftcards?! I know some people are against them, but I love them! It was a fun weekend of shopping. He was going to take me to the zoo to see the new pandas, but it was so hot. I told him that I'd like to wait until the weather gets a little cooler at the end of August or early September. :)

I'm breaking this up into two posts. Today will be stuff I got for the home and other miscellaneous gifts. In my next post, I will share my accessories, beauty, and bath gifts. I think that is the easiest way! And if you hate haul posts, just pass these over. I understand if they are not your cup of tea.

^ My hubster came home on Thursday evening with some beautiful flowers for me. They are so beautiful. Sadly with my lack of a green thumb, I'm not sure these will last long. I just look at a flower and it dies. Gardener, I am not!
^ In the miscellaneous gifts below, I listed a Winners gift card. This is basically Canada's version of TJ Maxx. I picked up this hand blown glass jar. I put our dish detergent in it to pretty up our kitchen sink!

^ I love these little divider trays. I am using this one for some of my nail polishes. Also a Winners find.

^ I saw this floral storage box at Winners and knew I had to have it. Right now, I have it on my vanity with my Project 10 empties in it. It has velvet lining inside and it's absolutely gorgeous. A steal at $20!

^ Does anyone else love school supplies as much as I do?! I have a psychology course starting next month so I found these cute pens and notebook at Staples to use for it. There's just something about having pretty supplies.

^ Ah, DAVIDsTEA. It's very similar to Teavana, if you don't have one near you. I love fruity teas, especially in the summer. Have you tried Panera's iced green tea? Amazing! Anyway, I grabbed an iced tea pitcher and three teas- Kokomo Green, Bamboozled, and Guava Cadabra. Looking forward to trying them out with the new pitcher!

^ At the Body Shop, I have been wanting to try a reed diffuser for awhile and noticed they offer them. With it being summer here, I prefer lighter scents. Some of their offerings were citrus scents, but I'm allergic so...I chose Aloe & Soft Linen. It has completely fragranced my living room, dining area, and kitchen. I'm impressed! 
 ^ At Crate & Barrel, I picked up a cupcake corer and strawberry huller. I'm so excited to see what cupcake recipes I can come up with! I use strawberries for smoothies a lot, so I thought this might make the prep work a little easier.
^ One of my favorite treats, macarons! I was originally getting them as a birthday treat, but it worked out because yesterday was Bastille Day. I hope my French readers had a lovely La FĂȘte Nationale!

And for gifts not pictured...

- Winners giftcard
- a restaurant giftcard
- Old Navy giftcard (using that online soon!)
- Tim Hortons giftcard 
- movie certificates
- George Strait CD from a dear friend
- DVD organization items (I'm on a huge home organization kick right now!)


kpsays said...

Beautiful Lillies! I also love pretty school supplies! I like jotting my blog ideas in a pretty notebook and using pretty pens. And I ADORE macarons! There is just no place to buy them where I live. Looks like you had a fab birthday! Enjoyed your blog!

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