Monday, July 8, 2013

Birthday Cookout

My birthday is not until Friday, but my sister-in-law and I share our birthdays five days apart. And this past Saturday happened to work for both of us to have an early joint family cookout. Thought I would share a few pictures from the day! I'll be sharing more pictures on my photography blog soon, as well.

^ Flowers in my MIL's garden.
^ Before we had our meal, I set about taking pictures of my SIL/BIL's three kittens. This is Maks.
^ This feisty one is Rusty, the only girl.
^ And my personal favorite, Tucker. This pose makes me think of the Dos Equis beer guy. Perhaps, Tucker is "the most interesting 'cat' in the world"? :)
^ Then, the feast came! brother-in-law is the grill master in the family.
^ To make it like a potluck, my mother-in-law brought the salad. I baked red velvet cupcakes and a baked bean casserole. The meal was delicious!

Not too sure what is happening on my birthday weekend. I've asked my husband for hints for what he is planning, but to no avail! He knows I hate surprises, so he gets a kick out of making me suffer. But I make him suffer too, by sitting there and aiming millions of guesses at him until he's practically begging me to shut up. It's ok though, we played this same game reversed during his birthday in May! :D

This cookout was a nice way to kick off celebrations!


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