Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blog of the month!

So one of the announcements that I had announced was coming in April is...I'm going to start showcasing a different blog each month that I enjoy reading. They will get a designated post and a button in the sidebar. I hope you are all excited about this and find lots of new blogs to read through this new feature! I have also started a new "blog of the month" label, so that you will be able to go through all future featured bloggers. So much fun!

For this month, I have chosen Kar Yi! She blogs over at AngelicBetrayal and she's doing a lot of traveling currently.That equals a lot of fun posts of products, food, experiences, etc. I'm living vicariously through her while she's exploring! Kar Yi is such a lovely person and I really hope you check out her blog.


Kar Yi said...

Thanks Wendy! You're too sweet :) Can't wait to find out about great new reads from this series!

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