Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I won Review and Brew's 1st giveaway!

Monday evening saw me getting the stomach flu. I've been miserable ever since and I'm just now starting to feel better, though I'm terrified of eating and drinking. One thing that brought a smile to my face during this whole ordeal is that I received my Bath & Body Works prize package from Review and Brew!

^ Heidi sent me the two candles I won and a lovely card. I have a long-standing obsession with Paris, so the card is perfect. These are two candle scents that I really liked, but I held off purchasing them. So glad to be able to add them to my collection. Can't wait to burn them! Both scents are no longer available at B&BW, as they are seasonal. You can probably still find them on eBay, Amazon, and maybe some B&BW Outlets.

^ This is the small one-wick size. Don't let the size fool you. You still get around 25 hours of burning time. Also, right now these small candles are on sale for $5. While you can't get this exact scent, all of their Christmas scents are out right now. That's 50% off!

^ This one reminds me of candy apples! This is the large three-wick size. You'll get around 35 hours of burning time with these. These are $20 US each, but wait until the 2/$20 (2/$25 in Canada) deals come around.

Thank you, Heidi! I'm so excited to have participated in your first giveaway. Your blog is wonderful, especially for candle lovers. :)


Supergirl said...

I love scented candles:)

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