Friday, November 16, 2012


This is the first of two posts today! My next post will be in a bit (hint: what's in my purse?). :) With IMATS Toronto happening tomorrow, I thought I'd reiterate some of the tips that I shared last year and add a few. I find these things to help me not get overwhelmed in the crowds, booths, and products.

1) Take your camera. I get very camera happy and nobody minds at all. I also use pictures from the last events to look at products that I might have forgotten about and want to take a closer look at them.

2) Take makeup wipes or anti-bacterial hand gel. You will more than likely end up with swatches on your hand and these will come in handy.

3) Dodge the long lines, if you can. If you know what you want, either tell the workers or hand them your list. They'll gather the products up for you and cash you right out!

4) Bring cash. It's so much easier and faster to check out, in my experience. Plus, not all booths offer credit or debit.

5) Hit up the bigger brands first. The MUFE and NYX lines will more than likely be crazy but if you want to get your hands on a specific item, get in those lines! They sell out of certain items pretty quickly.

6) Carry a water with you. You'll be on your feet a lot...which also reminds me...

7) Wear comfortable shoes. I know you want to be cute and fashionable, but at least try to wear shoes that are flat. Your feet will thank you! There aren't many places to sit down, aside from the scheduled presentations. Even then, you're not guaranteed a seat.

8) Don't worry about bringing a bag to carry everything around. A huge IMATS bag is provided.

9) Bring a notepad. You can keep track of what you spent and take notes from the stage shows.

10) Dress in layers. Sometimes the venue's air system is set lower to accomodate the crowds, but you still may get warm moving around and chilled when sitting down.

11)  I suggest leaving your purse at home and just carrying your essentials in a small clutch. That way it will easily tuck into the bag provided, keep your hands free, and your purse won't be bumping into everyone. It's a lot easier keeping up with one bag!

12) Go in with a bit of a schedule and a wishlist. It's a lot easier to stick to a budget with a wishlist. And the schedule just helps move things smoothly. Figure out what booths you want to hit up first (and look at the floor plan) and which times certain stage shows are happening. This will prevent a lot of extra wandering around!

I hope these tips help any of you going to future IMATS shows. I've been going since the very first IMATS Toronto and it's a blast. It just keeps growing and growing! If you're ever in an area where IMATS is taking place, I really recommend it. You get some great deals and discounts and learn loads of secrets from wonderful makeup professionals. There's nothing not to enjoy, if you're a makeup junkie. ;)


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