Thursday, September 20, 2012

SC Haul Pt. 4- Drugstore (Eyes)

I guess it's time to face the inevitable. Blogger switched me to the new interface today. I've been dreading the permanent switch for months and to be honest, I still hate it. I tried it for a little while and switched right back to the older one, because I did not like it. And now that I'm stuck with it...yuck. Now to figure out why it adds weird coding to my posts, makes my pictures look wonky, and why it won't show my signature on new posts without me tweaking it. Even better that it is not working with my Firefox, so I'm having to use Internet Explorer. Fantastic. Not.

I bought some of the new limited edition shades of the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I was really happy to see some more neutral colors. It took two Walgreens, one CVS, and two Targets, but I got the colors I wanted!
^Rich Mahogany, Ready, Set, Green, Mossy Green, Barely Beige, and Fuchsia Fever.
To see more pictures, please keep reading.

^I love the Barely Beige and Rich Mahogany. Mossy Green reminds me a bit of MAC's Golden Olive pigment, so I think I'll try to pair it with that!


Emily (Massachusetts Mask) said...

Haha that's so weird Wendy because I just did a post last week about finding these little gems! I never did get to see Ready Set Green though because it was sold out everywhere, it looks too beautiful though! Mossy Green is fabulous though, I've been wearing it to work non-stop :)

Emily (Massachusetts Mask) said...

Could I say "though" anymore...durrr

Linh said...

I've been trying to find Barely Beige everywhere and no luck! =(

They're all very pretty!

Wendy Banner said...

@Emily- I'm so in love with them! I hope for more neutral collections down the road. These are just perfection!

@Linh- I hope you find it, because it's my favorite of the bunch! It goes on a bit similar to Urban Decay's Sin primer, so if you have that you might find it to be a suitable substitute. :)

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