Friday, September 28, 2012

Marilyn Monroe MAC Collection Haul

I got really lucky yesterday. My local MAC Pro store received their Marilyn shipment early and they were contemplating if they should put it out or not. They later chose not to, but my husband had already called that morning asking if they had it. Since they already promised him the purchases, he was able to pick them up for me. Yay! Great MAC store, great customer service, great husband. :D

^ Beautiful packaging.

^ They are not stickers, thank goodness. I got the Forever Marilyn beauty powder, Pure Zen lipstick, Vintage Vamp nail polish, and The Perfect Cheek blush. I really want to order the Rich, Rich, Rich nail polish, if I get the chance. It's an online-only offering, apparently.
To see more pictures, please keep reading.

^ Vintage Vamp.It's a part of the permanent collection, as well. It's a dark oxblood color, which happens to be one of the "it" colors of this fall.

^ Pure Zen is right up my alley. On me, it's a peachy nude.

^ I'm pretty pale, so I can get away with using the beauty powder as a blush or highlighter. I think it might look too chalky on darker skintones, though.

^ Pure Zen is pretty, but it definitely emphasizes dry areas. That's not surprising since nude shades tend to do that. Just exfoliate first!

^ I quickly painted my nails with Vintage Vamp for the post. I love the color, but the formula was a bit difficult to work with. It was a bit gloopy to apply and dried a bit streaky, but a few coats help to distribute it a little better. The color is gorgeous for fall!

Have you ordered or bought anything from this collection? I think this is my first purchase from a MAC store this year (aside from my MAC purchases at CCOs), but I just knew I had to get something from this collection! :) Hope you all have a great weekend!


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