Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012 Favorites

Hello, hello. I'm so very happy that August ends step closer to fall! With the fall scents being out at Bath & Body Works and the pumpkin spice being back out at Starbucks, my heart is impatiently waiting for that first cool crisp breeze. Ah, I can hardly wait. Anyway, here are my favorites from this past month!

My Inglot palette- Review and swatches here.

Dolce and Gabbana's Rose The One- I only have this sample size, but I've fallen in love!

MAC Lazy Day lipstick- This was from there To the Beach collection. It is such a perfect pink lipstick. It's no longer available (crossing my fingers for a repromote), but MAC's Angel is a close dupe. Swatch of Lazy Day is here.

Maybelline Mineral Power concealer- I've been shopping my stash lately and I renewed my love for this product. Rumor has it that this product is being discontinued, but it is still up on the website so hopefully it is around to stay.

MAC Hang Loose blush duo- A favorite since I bought it! I have included this in so many favorites. I've seen this at a few CCOs and I might just have to purchase a backup if I see it again. If you have really fair skin like I do, I think you'll really like this. The pink side is a great blush and the lilac side makes for a lovely highlighter. Swatches are here.

So aside from my Inglot palette and the perfume, I've really been going into the depths of my makeup collection for the majority of this month. It's really nice to rediscover products that have since taken the back shelf to others like the Maybelline concealer!

Yay for a holiday weekend! Happy Labor Day to my Canadian and American readers! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Unknown said...

I really want to try that concealer! I love your layout! xoxoxo

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