Monday, August 27, 2012

A Day at the Summer Fair!

I didn't manage to update much last week. I have been very busy as of late getting ready for my trip home. Just a little over a week now until I'm back in SC for almost a week. Yay! This past weekend, we went to the CNE for a day! It's an end-of-summer fair that takes place every year downtown. Lots of fun! I thought I'd share a few random photographs from that day (Friday). :)

^ This guy comes every year and stacks rocks on top of each other. Never fails to impress and amaze me! With my lack of patience, I'd do good to get two stacked! I always love the huge ones balanced on top of the little rocks.

To see more pictures, please keep reading.

^ The ice skating and aerialist show was really good this year. They change it up each summer. This year they had these awesome trampoline tricks going on that left my jaw on the floor the whole time.

^ There is always a sand sculpture competition. This was by far my favorite. Look at the attention to detail! He even carved a waterfall going through the castale and down into different lakes. It reminds me of Hogwarts that makes me like it even more.

^ I got to see Anna Olson do a baking demonstration. She gave so many great tips for baking pies. I could watch Food Network all day, so this was a dream come true for me! I can't remember if her shows have made it into the States or not, but she's pretty big up here.

^ And since my husband sat through Anna for me, I tolerated this Rolling Stones tribute band! The guy playing Mick Jagger really took on his part. Even just strutting around the stage, he looked like the real deal. Then, I was hit on by a slimeball...always fun when you're trying to enjoy a night of music with your husband! Geez. Granted, I dealt with much worse at an actual Stones concert! Concerts seem to bring out the weirdest of people sometimes.

^ We shared one of those colossal onions for dinner and couldn't even finish it. It's like they use an onion the size of a softball! You can see a couple of the rides, as well. The CNE grounds are huge!

If you ever come to Toronto in the summer, try to plan for late August so that you can come to the fair! Now, I think I'm going to lay down. I had to deal with doctors all morning and I've had to have two shots. Yuck!


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