Thursday, July 5, 2012

Project 5 Empties

I guess I can't really call this one Project 5 Pan, since there was nothing to really hit pan on. I put myself on a product buying ban, which covered anything like skincare and makeup until I finished some of the products I already owned. It also kept my mind on saving up for my birthday trip. Originally, Chicago was planned but my friend got me the ticket for the Miranda Lambert concert in New York this weekend. So we're going away this weekend instead! I'll definitely be shopping in the mall and outlets, though. :)

This go-around of Project 5, I actually focused more on the items in my bathroom. Cleaning out my shower the other day made me realize that I really need to start using more of my products up! I'm so bad about buying things and liking them for a few weeks and then go out and buy other things that makes me forget about them. I'd really like to get out of that habit, which might mean avoiding The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works for awhile! That's why I like these projects because they can help you put things into perspective.

Anyway, I've rambled enough. Here's what I was able to finish from early April until now. I am thisclose to finishing five other products, but there's still enough in them for a few other uses. I'm proud, though! And I actually finished six!

This is probably the first tube of toothpaste I have ever finished. I know that sounds horrible, but I get bored of them mid-tube or some new kind catches my eye. That doesn't mean I waste them- they just usually find their way into my husband's bathroom! This shaving cream is a smaller size, but it took me forever to use simply because of the smell. I only tolerate some raspberry scents and this was not one of them. I'm happy that's it done!

I loved this Urban Decay makeup remover and I don't think they make it anymore or I'd repurchase it. Aveeno Daily Cleansing pads are amazing! I'll definitely be repurchasing those. The Body Shop Vitamin E mist was ok. It felt good on the skin for awhile, but then it just made my face feel too dry and tight. The Josie Maran makeup remover wipes were really good. The smell reminds me of a creamsicle! And since they help my favorite animal (polar bears), I'm all for them. They worked well and I love the baby pink packaging. I might repurchase these this weekend at Sephora!

So there we have it. I finished my goal! I'm looking forward to finishing some more of my products. I might just do another one of these this summer. It keeps me on the ball! So...are you a product hoarder and junkie? Do you finish a lot of the products you buy?

I'll be gone tomorrow for my trip. I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear the wipes are good! i saw them today and was really considering it, but i think i'll get it next time im there ;)

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