Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buffalo Haul Pt. 2- Clothing & Accessories

This would be the area of shopping that I went the most crazy on, but I found some really great deals! It's probably a good thing that we only cross the border about three times a year. ;) Without further ado, here's the clothes and accessories that I purchased.

I fell in love with the floral dress. It has a detailed zipper on the back! I have mentioned them before, but I live in the Mossimo long tanks and pocket v-necks. They are perfect in every way and come in so many colors. I get some every time I'm in Target!

The dresses, shorts, and sandals are from Old Navy. The belts and ring sets are from Torrid. With Torrid, it was buy one get 50% off the entire store and I had a $10 credit for my birthday. Yay!

I grabbed all of these bracelets at Target for $4 each! They are perfect for layering.

And these would be my favorite new goodies that I got! I got the blush pink Coach bag for 50% off and then an additional 30% off on top of that. All in all, it was just around $56. Besides perfume, this is my first Michael Kors purchase- a pretty white/gold wallet. The gray satchel with rose gold hardware is from H&M. And I'm addicted to iPhone cases now, so I got another Kate Spade one.

Pink and polkadots. If this phone case doesn't scream that it belongs on my phone, then I don't know what does! Love it!

Again, don't forget that I do have a small giveaway open until tomorrow night. I'll let the cat out of the bag now and mention that I do indeed have a little something else put together to give with the magazine! :D My birthday is tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I'll have time to update or not. I'll try, though.


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