Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eyeko Line and Shine in Plum & Electric Purple

This is one of the items I received in my latest swap. I love Eyeko products. I do suggest checking them out. If you spend over $20 US and use an ambassador code,you get a free gift with your purchase. My code is "E4401" and yes, I do get a little bit of commission if you use it. However, you're getting a free product! It's a win-win situation for both of us. Though it is absolutely fine if you don't want to use my code! And if you like something, act fast because they are always changing their range and stock.

I received the Line and Shine eye pencil in Plum and Electric Purple. And like I stated above, act fast if you like something. I believe these pencils have been discontinued already! Though you might be able to find them online and in stores that stock Eyeko products.

To see more pictures and the swatches, click to continue.

I love both sides with Plum being a great everyday color and Electric Purple offering an awesome pop of color when you want to spice things up. I often worry about pencil eyeliners like this, because too many times I have gotten one only for it to be hard as a brick and tug at my eyes. Luckily, these are very creamy. They go on easily, but I do suggest using a primer first. Overall, I'm happy to have this as a part of my collection!


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