Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globe Awards 2012 Best & Worst

Here's my personal list of best and worst dressed from the red carpet last night. Honestly, I was a bit let down. I only watch the red carpet events, as I don't care for award shows...but I really thought there would be more excitement with the dress choices. Certain celebrities that I expected to look amazing failed for the most part. Oh well! I've narrowed my list down to five in each category.

Easily my favorite of the night. Nicole Richie really surprised me with her dress and the perfect accessories really sealed the deal.

Shailene Woodley looked gorgeous in this Marchesa dress. The detailing on it was impeccable. Katharine McPhee went the subltle route, but it really worked. I love the understated makeup and hair.

Reese is red hot in red! Why does she have to be so darn gorgeous?! Sarah Hyland's dress is similar to Kat McPhee's. I guess I'm drawn to the nude lace. It's a very classic look and I love how the dress is broken up with the black sash. The best part is that this dress is age-appropriate for Sarah and doesn't age her.

Emily Watson, oh my. This dress is majorly plain and does absolutely nothing for her shape. And she really needs to learn how to pose on the red carpet.

Piper Perabo, what are you doing to me? This dress was nearly see-through and looked like a plastic bag. Busy Philips, why must your dress match your name? It's too busy! I just do not dig the fringe detailing one bit. And the hair was massive! I felt like those two details clashed.

Connie Britton. This dress does everything right for her figure, but I feel like it is a little too dressed down for the Golden Globes. It pains me to add Melissa McCarthy to my worst dressed list, because I love this woman to death. The thing is that there are much better gowns out there suited for plus-sized women. This isn't bad, but I think she could have stepped up her game a bit.

Who made your list? :)


fairy_ana said...

I love your BD choice! I would add Diana Agron to that list, her dress was so beautiful. There was so much going on and still it was very pretty!

Natalia Beroiz said...

You've reason, I love the dress of Nicole, but for me, the best dress went to Charlizle Theron.

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