Thursday, December 8, 2011

UD 24/7 Eyeliner Set in Naked - Holiday 2011

The minute I found out that Stray Dog was in this set, I knew it had to be mine. I fell in love with that shade when it was released in the 15 Anniversary Collection. I've written UD saying how it needs to be part of the permanent collection. It's just that gorgeous. :)

All of these are permanent except for Demolition and Stray Dog. I already own Zero, Bourbon, and Stray Dog. Personally, this set was worth it to me just to get Underground and Stray Dog. The pencils are nearly full-sized coming in at .03 oz with a full-sized 24/7 pencil being .04 oz. They retail for $32 US/$38 CAN at Sephora. I think it's ridiculous that we have to pay $6 more here. Oh well, it's still a good amount of money being saved!

My other 24/7 eyeliner swatches can be found here, here, and here. If you try Stray Dog, I think you'll love it. I'll never stop singing its praises! And if you know a dupe for it, please let me know. :)


Anna Elizabeth said...

Stray Dog looks really pretty, I'm a big fan of taupe eyeliner too! My personal favorite is a Body Shop liquid liner in Taupe. It's a cheaper than a 24/7 liner and it works PERFECTLY with my paleness =)

Unknown said...

I have this set & just reviewed it on my blog. Love the colors. I just wish they would last more than a couple hours on my waterline.

Wendy Banner said...

@Anna Elizabeth- Well, I'm definitely going to look for that the next time I'm in The Body Shop! Taupe shades win me over every single time. :) And I really want another similar shade, because I'm terribly afraid of running out of Stray Dog one day. Haha!

@Tiffany- Are your eyes oilier? When adding a priming base to your eye, you can just take some of that and apply it to the lower lash line. I also always go over my eyeliner with a setting or mattifying powder. I think it really makes a difference!

Otherwise, I'd try a gel liner like the Maybelline EyeStudio ones. They don't budge at all and dry to a lovely finish. Have you tried those? :)

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