Monday, December 5, 2011

November Favorites 2011 & NARS Bellissima Swatch

Time for monthly favorites! I'm so excited December is here. It's one of my favorite months and it's exactly for the reason you think it is...Christmas! I'm a Christmas nut. I love the cold weather, the lights, the decorations, the TV specials and holiday movies, etc. I still get the same feeling of warmth that I have gotten since childhood. The magic of Christmas has never failed me. I can be in the biggest funk and Christmas brings me right out of it. January? Whole other story. Haha!

Bella Bamba- I rediscovered this and dusted it off. And I love the smell! Swatch is here.
MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash mascara-
Truly waterproof. It survived the "cry test".
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark nail polish- A fantastic nail color for fall/winter.
Beautyblender sponge- Still have to do a full review. As great as you've heard? YES.
NARS eyeshadow duo in Bellissima- Just an easy duo to grab for a quick shimmery neutral eye.
MUFE Aqua Eyes eyeliner in 24L- A lovely taupe brown.

I haven't shown the Bellissima duo before, if memory serves me right. I have yet to swatch the eyeliner either, which I bought at IMATS Toronto this year. Below you'll see swatches of both.

^ One of my non-beauty favorites is the iPad case pictured above. I went to the One of a Kind Christmas Show, which is full of handmade goodies and crafts. I picked out a few gifts for people, but I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across this. It's like it was made for me with my never-ending love of polar bears and my addiction to my iPad (who is named Charlie Brown, by the way). :D It's so sturdy and well-made. They do have an Etsy shop with other bags and designs, if you're at all interested.

So those are my favorites from November! Please tell me some of your favorites or link me to your post. I love "favorites" posts!


Amy said...

The shade is sooooooo pretty!!! Gorgeousss! :D Thanks for sharing!

Jayne said...

I've been dying to try the Beauty Blender brush! Can't wait to see the review!

MissAntonia90 said...

SUCH amazing faves. That OPI polish looks so pretty! I STILL need to jump on the "beauty blender wagon". Haha.

& yes, something small, most deff. I have quite a list for gifts that I need to buy!

Just let me know!
I think you may have my email. If not, you can personal message me on YT :)

Anonymous said...

I so agree with Jayne, I too have been wanting to try the beauty blender and as crazy as it sounds, I keep forgetting!

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