Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yes...Another Old Navy Haul

Old Navy had a Friends & Family sale back at the beginning of November. I'm pretty sure this is what I got during it. I say "pretty sure", because I've gone to one of the stores twice and ordered online twice in the past month or so. That's more often than usual for me, but I'm not complaining because they have had some great sales lately. I know I recently purchased the items below together...I may just have the sale wrong. Retail therapy puts me in my own little world and as long as I don't take up permanent residence, I think I'm ok. ;)

black cardigan- A must-have for me. I can never have too many cardigans, especially black ones!
PJ bottoms- I could live in ON's PJs. They're reasonably priced and so comfortable.
Striped sweater dress- The shape of this dress is amazing. It's very slimming.
Ruffle henley- I love ruffles! This has little hooks so you can have the ruffles go up straight or spread out a little and make it more of a v-neck.

You that I think about it, maybe I got this with my Old Navy cash the other week. They often have it where if you spend so much, you get a little gift certificate taking money off of a future purchase. Well, I'm too lazy to change the graphic so we'll pretend that it was with the F&F sale. This post has been a complete fail. Haha!


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