Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Lipstick

I've gotta say that I'm really loving the Urban Decay products that have Naked has its name. Naked Palette, Naked eyeshadow, and now the Naked lipstick. Now I just need to get my hands on their lip pencil and lip gloss of the same name. I guess I love getting Naked. ;) Here's my swatches and review of the lipstick!

The packaging is cool with the sword on the end, but it's a bit of a nuisance. You have to hold onto the sword to get the lid off, as the lid goes straight down to the bottom of the tube. The product sticker is actually located on the top of the lipstick lid.

^ I personally prefer hand swatches to lip swatches, because everyone has different lip pigmentation. The true-to-life color is better represented on my hand, as my pink lips have the tendency to change most lipsticks unless I cancel out the pigmentation. I do try to provide both types of swatches (hand and lips) though, as I know many people prefer lip swatches!

It has a really lovely sheen to it. I'd say it's a "my lips but better" shade. It smells strongly of caramel, but it does disappear after awhile on the lips. I think this is a shade that is going to look good on just about everyone. I can see myself reaching for this one quite often in the future!


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