Thursday, October 27, 2011

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks in #1 and #2

I recently bought the Rouge Volupte in #1 (Nude Beige) and I have owned #2 (Sensual Silk) for some time now. I am including it to show the packaging and difference in colors. I originally thought they would be similar in color once on the lips, but they are delightfully different.

^The new packaging is on the left. They used to have a mirror on the lid. Quite frankly, I don't miss it. I found it to be way too small to get any true use out of it.

^Nude Beige on the left, Sensual Silk on the right. You can see the dent I've put into my Sensual Silk. I love this little baby! ;)

YSL lipsticks are very expensive, but I believe they are worth it. The formula is creamy and produces enough sheen to not need a gloss. They are my best smelling lipsticks...I can't even tell you just how scrumptious these smell. Almost like a Kool Aid flavor! It's kind of odd because I feel like these two color names should be switched. The Sensual Silk color is much more of a nude beige. Some complain about staying power, but these last for several hours on me.


Jo said...

i love both of them.

Supergirl said...

I love number 2, looks so adorable!
I think I need it:)

Gaby Fauchon said...

I love the look of Nude Beige, so pretty!

Anonymous said...

LOVE rouge voluptes! i have one in the shade #3 :D pretty colors you have sweetie xo

Justine (Productrater) said...

I love that Sephoras in Canada have started carrying YSL, and these lipsticks are right up there on my list. I have Beige Nude and am planning on getting others. They are the epitome of lipsticks for me, moisturizing, great colour payoff and just holding one in my hand makes me happy.

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