Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Haul & Thank You!

One of the best things about birthdays are the freebies! I enjoyed a free pasta at Boston Pizza, a Blizzard from Dairy Queen, a free meal at Casey's (Canadian restaurant chain), etc. I still have a few coupons to use and it's been two weeks since my birthday! One of my favorite freebies to claim is the annual Sephora Beauty Insider item. It's free to become a Beauty Insider and you can pick up your birthday gift with no purchase necessary. This is my third year of getting mine and this year's might just be my favorite.

I am still on Project 10 Pan, so going into Sephora and not being able to buy anything is complete and utter torture. I ended up buying a case of sponges (which I don't consider cheating on P10), because I always need sponges. The birthday gift is a travel-sized bottle of Philosophy's Vanilla Birthday Cake bath gel. This just happens to be my favorite scent they have. And we all know of my obsession with Philosophy. This will be going with me on my next trip!

But my biggest and best gift? Well, I've been begging for one of these since March!

An iPad 2! This has to be the best part of saving money these past few months! My husband and I have really been enjoying it and I'm pretty sure that this bad boy is going everywhere I go from now on. :) I think I'll do a blog about it later on and share some of my favorite apps. This is definitely my second best birthday gift ever with my Nikon DSLR being first. With everything that has gone on this summer with my husband's health, we both needed a little entertainment and the iPad is providing it.

I can't recall if I have done a review on Philosophy's bath gels yet, but I know I've talked about them. If anyone is interested, I'll share my thoughts on the scents I own, lasting power, amount of bubbles, etc.

A big thank you to those of you who have sent positive messages, thoughts, and prayers our way. My husband now has his chest tube and IV out and he's no longer on home care. He's just making sure he's strong enough and he'll probably be heading back to work next week! He just takes pills now for the next few months. He's been recovering so quickly at home- thank goodness! We both really appreciate your kind words and thoughts. Now it's all a matter of getting back into our regular routines and daily life!


MissAntonia90 said...

I am so glad everything is going much better for your husband and yourself :)

Btw, my birthday is coming up (August 10th), and I have an account with Sephora, however, I do not have a 'beauty card', since I didnt have a store near me. Therefore, how do I prove its my birthday and that I'm part of the beauty club? :(

Thank you!
& congrats on your iPad!! :D

Wendy Banner said...

Antonia- Yay for your birthday coming! :D Did you just sign up for an account or the actual Beauty Insider program? If I remember correctly, the sign-up process gives you both options. If you sign in, it should say that it's your birthday time and that you have a gift waiting for you. So if you make an online order, the gift should appear in your cart automatically!

Otherwise, if you're near a store, just give them the email you signed up with and tell them it's your birthday. They should give it to you, because you're in their system! :)

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