Monday, May 2, 2011

Swap with Antonia :)

Someone asked if I would be doing a post on the wedding of William and Kate, but I don't think I will because I didn't even watch it. Though my perspective on the fashion and hats that I've seen pictures of isn't much different from what other blogs have already said. The wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous and a perfect choice for her. I also realized that I don't think I would want to attend big British events like such, because I don't really like wearing hats and certainly not ones that are capable of making such big statements! ;)

Anyway, I recently did a swap with Antonia. Though I feel super bad because A) some of my package to her did not remain intact and B) she went over our limit. That was super naughty of her! :D I'm going to send her an extra gift or two to make up for both of those facts, though!

Everything was nicely wrapped. Pink AND florals? I was drooling before I even opened them up to see what was inside!

Everything! I have had a hard time here trying to find the Hard Candy Glamoflauge (light) and blush (Living Doll) in these two shades. And I never could find the Sally Hansen highlighter, even though I searched Sally's, Walgreens, and Target when I was over the border. Super excited about all of the other goodies also! Those include a lip stain/gloss duo, two blushes, an eyeshadow trio, and a lip balm.

I'll be swatching these products in my next post. I love the cream highlighter. I have powder and liquid ones, but this one rocks. I used it the other day on my cheeks, brow bone, and inner corner of my eye. So easy to blend! A BIG thank you to Antonia for my swap goodies! She's a fantastic girl who is extremely sweet,personable, and down-to-earth.


Cotton said...

review on the Glamoflauge concealer pls :) dont even know why im asking for it when i know u cant get it here but concealer is a must! lol


Kar Yi said...

Cute wrapping indeed :D I recently got to go to Walmart (which is super rare for me since there isn't one close to me) and I got the Hard Candy blush in Pin Up. I really like it for a highlight and I think you'll like the quality of Living Doll ^^

Mi_Mi said...

wow amzing gergous..

MissAntonia90 said...

once again, yay! :D
like i mentioned earlier....
i cant believe i had not seen these. goes on to show that i dont have much time to be 'surfing' the web :(
anyway, im glad you liked the wrapping :D

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