Monday, April 4, 2011

MUFE Tres Vichy Palette

This has to be some of the cutest packaging in my whole makeup collection. It's pink with a bow and has such a retro feel to it. Personally, I don't see what's not to love about it! I want a whole collection made in this design. That would be perfection! :)

You get two shimmery eyeshadows in a pale white and pink. The best part is that this can double as a blush/highlight duo. So you're getting multiple uses! If you're not familiar with Make Up For Ever's formula, it is very soft and easy to blend. I consider their eyeshadows and Aqua Eyes eyeliners to be the standouts of the brand.

At normally $20 each, you're getting these two colors in a mirrored compact for $31. Not a bad deal! It is still available at Sephora, though currently not in stock online.


FashionAffair said...

totally agree the packaging is soo cuteeee!

Anonymous said...

awww this is so cute! i havent tried any mufe shadows before but it looks super pretty!!

response to the march favorites, you should def try the vitazing cause i think it'd be great for summer with spf and all. and as for glossimers, i only own that one and its not really sticky its better than mac lipglasses imo. and depending on the color, like bikini peach it can be really opaque and pretty, so its not sheer. and the wear on it is pretty good too!


Wendy Banner said...

@Christine- Well then, I'll have to look into both of those! Thanks for letting me know. <3

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