Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I had a great anniversary trip! We rented a cabin in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York. We rented the Pinewood Cabin through The Quiet Place. Upon looking into booking it, I googled for more pictures and reviews and came up empty-handed. Not being able to find anything myself when I was looking made me want to share my own pictures and review for people searching in the future. :)

All of the woodwork and cabinets in the cabin were done by the actual cabin owner and it was so well-done and breathtaking. The pictures online did not give this place enough justice. The kitchen was huge with updated appliances, a giant island in the middle, and lots of counter space. If I could have packed up that kitchen and brought it with me, I would have!

The living room had a comfortable couch, flat screen TV, and an electric fireplace. You can see the deck that goes out to the two-person hot tub. My only problem were that the windows to the right did not have blinds on them and there is a road on that side. It kind of creeps me out when I think people can see in and I can't see out.

The bedroom was a loft area. And it was so spacious! They had a sitting area, a cute chess area, and the queen-sized bed. I'm definitely upgrading to a queen or a king mattress the next time we move, because hotels and the like have spoiled me and my husband. I loved the slanted ceiling!

It was a secluded and relaxing weekend! By secluded I mean there was no cable, internet, or even a phone in the cabin. They do provide you with an emergency cell, if you need it. The owners and business really thought of everything. We were given a fresh loaf of baked bread when we arrived. Pots, pans, utensils, tin foil, Tupperware, you name was all provided. And the cabin is near bigger cities that offer Walmart, Wegmans, Target, and chain restaurants. Though we found a great local food place in the closest Sunoco (surprisingly!) that offered great homemade food items!

I would absolutely recommend this cabin for a couple getaway. The business offers other bigger cabins and cottages for bigger groups. This was a great trip all-around. The best part? I came back super relaxed and free of stress. Not sure how long it will last, but I'm taking joy in it! ;)


Melissa said...

so pretty! I want to go haha

Wendy Banner said...

I know, right?! My cousin said it looks like a little playhouse which weirdly makes me like it even more. Or maybe I'm just ridiculously addicted to little getaways in the middle of nowhere...Haha!

katie said...

hi there! i'm thinking about renting this same cabin soon. i was wondering what the view from the back porch/hot tub was like? it does seem like you had a great time there! thanks!!

Wendy Banner said...

@Katie - It was a great escape! The view is woods for the most part. Being out on the back deck is very secluded. Without the porch lights on, it is pitch black. The cabin and the actual business where you go to pick up the directions are both a bit tricky to find. I definitely recommend going in the winter. It was amazing sitting outside in the hot tub while snow was falling...though a very short but freezing walk back inside! :)

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