Saturday, March 5, 2011

Benefit Haul

I got this order about two or so weeks ago. I have no idea why it has taken me this long to get to blog about it. Sorry about not posting on Thursday and Friday! I had a Lady Gaga concert one of the days and a lacrosse game the next. So I'm doing a late Friday/early Saturday kinda thing. :)

I don't typically order from Benefit unless I find good discount and/or shipping codes. I had a code to get the Ooh La Lift for a free and free shipping. I saved over $30 in end amount!

^ Benefit Lust Duster in Jelly Roll (clearance section), Bella Bamba blush, Her Name Was Glowla, and Ooh La Lift.

Consider it a lighter version of High Beam for under the eyes. It's ok, but I don't notice much of a brightening experience. Clinique's Airbrush Concealer is much better at illuminating and conceals at the same time. Glad I got it for free, because I would not pay full price for this.

Jelly Roll is an icy lilac. I thought this would be a nice shade to use both for the eyes and cheeks.

They changed the packaging of their boxed powders. They now have magnetized tops that flip open with a mirror. The brush, while I still don't tend to use it, has also improved. It's softer and denser. This blush is easy to overdo, so a light hand is recommended. And as always, the smell is divine. I feel awkward smelling my blush, but it just smells sooooo good.

Her Name Was Glowla may not be available right now. It is often added back, so they could offer it again. I wanted this set so badly and emailed them about it to be told that they did not have anymore to sell because of them being limited edition. Then, not even two weeks later, the palettes popped up online and I was able to purchase it. So again, it could come back.

^the five eyeshadows


Justine (Productrater) said...

Nice benefit haul. I ended up getting the mini set with highbeam, posietint and benetint. It's really cute and small.

Anonymous said...

great haul! bella bamba is so pretty! x

Kate said...

I heart Benefit, what a great haul! I've wanted Her Name Was Glowla for so long, I hope they repromote it!

Unknown said...

The blush looks awesome

I am a new follower by the way. I love checking out beauty blogs. I have a blog too which is a mix of everything, reviews, giveaways, my thoughts in general, all somehow in one way or another surrounded by beauty or girlly subjects in general. Check me out if you get a chance, and I will be stopping by soon.

Linh said...

Great haul! That Benefit palette looks beautiful!

Wendy Banner said...

@Justine- Those are three of my favorite Benefit products. They really excel at tints and highlighters. :)

@Christine- So pretty! I can't wear too much of it because it has the tendency to bring out any redness in your face, but it's definitely a great blush!

@Kat- I hope they do! You never know...maybe they'll do inventory and find a few extra ones sitting around!

@Andrea D- Following you back!

@Linh- If I had thought of it, I would have ordered you one. :)

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