Thursday, February 3, 2011

MAC Collective Haul

I say that it is collective because these are things that I have purchased here and there and somehow just didn't get around to posting about them. So here they are with swatches!

Kissable Lipcolor in Woo Me is part of the Peacocky Collection. I wasn't originally going to get one of these, but I've heard they are fabulous. And they are! Woo Me swatch is the one on the very right of the picture. I also purchased my first Plushglass and I chose Ample Pink.

I caved. After falling in love with Prance, I had to get another Mega Metal eyeshadow or two from the Peacocky Collection. I grabbed Centre Stage and Unflappable.

Valentine's Day has made me crave pinks and purples, so I grabbed Swish. Prussian is in the goodbye section online, so if you've been wanting this color you should get it while you can.

^Swish, Prussian, Centre Stage, Unflappable

Ladyblush and Posey blushcremes. These are also in the goodbye section, but they are not going away. They are going to be repromoted as Cremeblend blushes.

^Ladyblush and Posey.


Justine (Productrater) said...

I am debating whether to get the cream blushes before they are gone and repromoted, but I keep telling myself that I don't need more blushes. Plus MAC screwed up big time on my last order, it's been over a week and apparently someone named "Tony" picked it up this morning, problem is I don't know anyone named Tony. :(

Pearls & Politics said...

what amazing items!!

Kitten said...

We must've been on the same wavelength! I was just at MAC last night getting some bronzer and lipglass :)

Linh said...

Great haul, Wendy!

I feel like I need Woo Me in my life! lol. I plan to get Woo Me & Super if they still have them at my counter.

WHYYYYY oh whyyy did you swatch Centre Stage & Unflappable?! I think I need them now! lol. I purchased Daliance not too long ago, but I have yet to try it.

Wendy Banner said...

@Justine- OMG! That's ridiculous! What did they say? I would think their customer service would be good in these circumstances. Well, I'd hope they would be. That's really scary that something like that can happen with them. :/

@Kitten- A winning combination! :D

@Linh- The formula is like nothing I own. Is it a gloss? Is it a lipstick? It's both. It's magic is what it is. LOL! Woo Me is such a gorgeous color on its own and layered over other nudes. It's for sure the one that I would recommend out of all of the Kissable Lipcolors.

I missed out on Dalliance, but I think once you try it you will fall in love with the formula and ease of application. A-ma-zing! :)

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