Thursday, December 23, 2010

Florida Haul Pt. 4- Drugstore

I contemplated including the souvenirs that I bought in Disney and the massive haul of DVDs I bought in Target, but some of you probably don't care about that stuff. If you do, I'll be uploading them on Flickr soon! :) I found great deals on DVDs while I was down there, including Season 1 of Community for only $20. Score! This is the last part of my Florida haul.

I'll get to the stuff that I bought in Niagara Falls next. As a matter of fact, I might get that post up tonight. I can't guarantee how often I'll post between now and during the start of the new year! I'll be updating with what I got for Christmas, this month's faves, and so forth. They may just happen to end up a little delayed. It's a busy time of year! With that said, I know I won't have time to post tomorrow which is why I am going to try to do a double posting today. Hope you can stomach two haul posts in one day!

Not pictured are a few EOS lip balms (which I picked up an extra for my upcoming giveaway!) and another NYC blush stick that is also for the giveaway. :) I'll have a swatch of the lipstick and blush up soon. I've been using the L'Oreal anti-redness primer for the past week, so I'm almost ready to review it. I grabbed another Ecotools travel kabuki, because it is one of my favorite brushes!

I somehow forgot to include this in the group shot. I've also been using it for the past week, so expect a joint review of this one and the anti-redness primer.

I believe that is all I got at the drugstores back home and in Florida! I'm looking forward to reviewing it all. Do you have a favorite drugstore item that you could not live without? Please share!


samshimi said...

the green l'oreal anti-reddness tube looks exactly like a dupe for the MUFE version... hv u tried that? if u did can u tell me if its a dupe?

Wendy Banner said...

I haven't tried the Smashbox or the MUFE version, but I thought this might be a good thing to try first. I would say that it isn't really a primer like they say, but I have found that it does pretty well at covering the redness in my cheeks. I've heard that MUFE does circles around it, though!

Canadian Daily said...

Definitely would love a review of the green primer from loreal, I recently ordered the smashbox one.

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