Monday, November 22, 2010

Future Contest, Card Exchange, and Hiatus!

When I get to 200 followers (less than 50 away), I'll have my next giveaway! I have already started to collect a few prizes for it. :)

Also, it's getting close to that time of the year. Christmas cards! If you would like to exchange cards with me, I would be absolutely thrilled. Shoot me an email at, if you are interested! :)

One other thing is that I am going on hiatus until around December 7th. I leave for the holiday tomorrow, because I'm going home for Thanksgiving. After that, it is time for a vacation (Yay!) in Orlando, Florida. And when I get back, I have a MRI scheduled on December 6th. So I will try my hardest to have some posts ready for the rest of that week when I get back. Expect a haul, because I am going to take full advantage of the outlets. ;)

So if you don't see posts from me for awhile, don't leave me. I'm coming back...Promise! See you guys in about two weeks. Take care! ♥


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