Monday, October 18, 2010

On My iPod Pt. 13

Sorry for not posting too much lately! I've been so busy. It always gets that way near the holiday season, doesn't it?! Bear with me, because I'll try to get a few posts each week. I apologize if it won't be Monday-Friday as I usually do. Tomorrow, I won't be posting because I'll be downtown to go to the So You Think You Can Dance tour event. :)

Anyway, I love doing these types of posts and do one at least twice a year. Here's what I have been listening to lately!

1. Forget You- Cee Lo Green
2. Mine- Taylor Swift
3. Dog Days Are Over- Florence + the Machine
4. Dance In the Dark- Lady GaGa
5. Dancing with Myself- Nouvelle Vague
6. Who Owns My Heart- Miley Cyrus
7. River Deep, Mountain High- Glee Cast
8. Jar of Hearts- Christina Perri
9. Take It Off- Ke$ha
10. Only the Young- Brandon Flowers
11. Hard Enough- Brandon Flowers
12. Lucky- Glee Cast

Feel free to share what you have been listening to, as well. I'm always up for recommendations!


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