Friday, October 1, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Pics/Video

To cut back on have a whole bunch of pictures in one blog post, I've made a YouTube video. You can see the packaging throughout, as well as a few pictures at the end. Swatches are below!

Click to go to YT and watch it in a bigger size.

Everything together. The plain black lipstick is the Creme d'Nude that I compare to Innocence, Beware! below.

Comparison between Creme d'Nude and Innocence, Beware! Innoncence looks a little more pink, but is extremely similar to Creme d'Nude.

I tried my best to capture the way this reflects. So pretty! I'm going to attempt not biting my nails so that I can rock it. :)

A very pretty brownish burgundy color!

I apologize for Truth & Light not showing up very well. It was near impossible to get a picture of it.

Creme d'Nude is a part of the permanent lipstick line!

I also already owned Resort Life from when it launched with the Lillyland Collection. I completely forgot to swatch it again. If you go under my MAC tag, you will find the swatch. I think it is getting more buzz than it deserves. It's an ok color, but it's more glitter than anything. It is really pretty in the tube, but unfortunately that color does not transfer to the lips.


Anonymous said...

lovely swatches!! i got everything you mentioned minus vainglorious. i only picked up her alter image eyeshadow from this collection! so in love with everything xx

Linh said...

Great haul, Wendy!

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