Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains

MAC Venomous Villains has launched online now, FYI! Go there now because things are already selling out fast! Some MAC stores won't hold orders for you so if you go through a store, call ahead of time to make sure.

Because I have a giftcard for The Bay (Canadian version of Macy's, basically), I called the MAC counter there and had my order put aside for me. I'll get it all Thursday evening. Now, if Thursday could just hurry up and get here! :)

Innocence, Beware lipstick (Cruella)
Heartless lipstick (Cruella)
Wicked Ways lipglass (Cruella)
Stange Potion lipglass (Evil Queen)
Vainglorious eyeshadow (Evil Queen)
Oh So Fair beauty powder (Evil Queen)
Briar Rose beauty powder (Maleficent)
Bad Fairy nail polish (Maleficent)
Truth & Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder (Dr. Facilier)

I tried not to go overboard and I definitely didn't buy anything that I knew I wouldn't use. Being a Disney and MAC nut, that was hard to do! This is the collection that I have been waiting the longest for. Really hope they will do a Disney Princesses line one day! That would be amazing.

I look forward to getting these items on Thursday evening. So on Friday, look for the swatches and a small "first impressions" type of review! If you've made an order from this collection, already have some from it, or you're making an order soon...which products have caught your eye? Did this collection disappoint you or make you jump for joy? If there is something that you absolutely recommend from the Villains that I did not get, sing of its praises here! :)


Lillian said...

Just looking at the packaging makes me happy! Love your choices. Strange Potion is already sold out online. Actually, a lot of stuff is sold out online.

Hope you like all of them when you get them tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I was so excited when I found out about this line! I'm a Disney freak! I'm not sure if I'll be able to get anything from it, but definitely post reviews when you get yours

Anonymous said...

i have a bay gift card too and put in my order like 2 weeks ago LOL! and thursday can't come sooner :( so excited to get everything!

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