Tuesday, September 14, 2010

e-Rewards Review

e-Rewards is a survey company, but I am here to tell you that it is legit. As a matter of fact, it is the only truly legit one that I have come across. No need to sign up for additional offers, get lots of spam mail, or anything of that nature. You have to be invited by one of the companies that they have as clients. I was sent the offer to join through American Eagle Outfitters. I also recall receiving an invitation from Gap and Ticketmaster.

The Canadian list differs from the US one, as the US one has a few more companies listed. That list of companies is what you base your rewards on. So say you do a survey for a company and get $5 added to your account, then you wait until you get up to the reward level that you want and then redeem a gift certificate for that money.

I used $45 in the e-Rewards currency to get a $25 giftcard to American Eagle. It doesn't take long to get enough money in your account. I believe I did around fifteen surveys or so to get to the level I wanted. And I'm already back at $34 on my account just after redeeming my points in June! The surveys differ in topic and usually take less than five minutes to complete.

My only problem was that I redeemed my points in June and never saw anything come in the mail or heard from the company. I emailed them and they were quick to respond. I don't know if my gift got lost in the mail or they accidentally overlooked it. Either way, they quickly sent one out my way last week. I got it in the mail yesterday!

So I just wanted to give you a heads up that if you get an email to join this site, it's worth it. You don't get money from it, but you can get gift certificates, e-certificates, SkyMiles and more! I hope you get an invite in your inbox from one of the companies. If I could send one out to you, I would. :) And if you've come across this blog post by Google when searching about the validity of the company, then I hope you found what you wanted to know!

ETA (9/29/2010): The original giftcard did finally find its way to me. Being a honest person, I emailed the company telling them that it had actually arrived and I now had both cards and offered to send one back. Without a kind word (or a thank you for my honesty, which would have been nice), they did ask that I return the original card. I don't mind sending the card back, but I did expect better customer service in a response especially when the first card took three months to get to me. Instead, I got a short response and an address.


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