Friday, September 17, 2010

Bath & Body Works Haul

It's been so long since I have gotten anything from Bath & Body Works, much less step foot into one! I put myself on a bit of an unspoken ban until I used up/gave away a few products from there that I already own. I used up two and gave a few away as gifts! I always buy things from there and put them to the side to give as gifts, especially during Bath & Body Work's bigger sales. Those come in handy when birthdays or holidays pop up!

Not feeling as overwhelmed by my collection anymore, I decided that I could finally go to the store again. And because of not getting anything in awhile from there, I appreciate these even more! Project B&BW was a success. :)

Group shot!

Pretty much what I was going there for in the first place! They have LE Halloween scents in their anti-bacterial gels! They have five, but I didn't get the licorice one because I can't stand licorice. I got the Candy Corn, Apple, Plum, and Marshmallow ones! I picked up two other random ones to either use or give away (Banana and Caribbean Escape). I also got a glow-in-the-dark holder for them, which you can see in the group picture. anti-bacterial gels

Anti-bacterial sprays. It's been so long since I went that I didn't even know that they had sprays now! I actually only got the Warm Vanilla Sugar for myself. The Sweet Pea and Sea Island Cotton ones are already going in a basket for a friend's birthday. anti-bacterial sprays

This was a scent that I hadn't yet added to my collection. Not knowing if I would really like it, I only bought the smaller sizes. It smells very fresh and seems like it will be a nice scent for fall. I'm glad that I got them. Rainkissed Leaves

I am a sucker for the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent. I have just about everything that they offer with that scent. It makes me think of winter and Christmas for some reason, so it's one that I reach for during colder weather. And I love when my place smells sweet, so I picked up a candle and the concentrated room spray. Warm Vanilla Sugar

Among my absolute favorite B&BW scents are: Country Apple, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Pearberry, and Sweet Pea. I used to love one that they had called Toasted Hazelnut. Does anyone else remember that one? It smelled so good. I have one bottle of lotion left in that scent and I can barely bring myself to use it for fear of running out! Do you have a favorite Bath & Body Works scent? Share!


Cass said...

I love the vanilla, apple & sweet pea scents, but my favorite by far is the grapefruit. Whenever I'm in there I try to stock up on the moisturizing soap because it's hard to find.

Monica said...

wow! i haven't seen or set foot in a bath & body works in YEARS, but it looks like you came out with some really, really awesome stuff!

Lillian said...

I love the Honeysuckle scent. It is new to me, so I just adore it! I'm hoping to get everything in that scent sometime. And I need to go get those Halloween anti-bacs. I just love Halloween anything!

Wendy Banner said...

@Cass- I wish I wasn't allergic to citrus! I always give the grapefruit, lemon, etc. scents as gifts, because I can't enjoy them myself. They do the apple scents so well!

@Monica- We just finally got B&BW here. Before I was only able to go whenever I went home or into the States for a vacation. They have some great new things available!

@Lillian- I haven't tried the Honeysuckle scent yet. I'll have to smell that the next time I'm in there! They smell so good. Seriously they smell just like what they say!

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