Monday, August 30, 2010

My New Furniture

Making up for not posting on Thursday and Friday of last week by double-posting today! ;)

Since I blogged about my new sofa and loveseat, I thought I would share my new living room setup! I almost have it the way I want it, minus a little more organization, new blinds, and possibly an area rug! :)

I forgot to take a picture of the old furniture going out, but here is the empty space:

We had the coffee table from before. I like it too much right now to replace it. It has two ottomans underneath with extra storage!

Starting to come together:

Added a few things:

Coffee table, storage box (with remotes in it), and lamp are from Ikea.

It's coming together:

I had to use flash for this to get the lamp to show up right. It provides a nice mood lighting! I've taken up camp on the sofa as you can see by laptop being there. :) The yellow jacket is a blanket that I got back in high school. There's a door there, but I have it covered with a wardrobe and a blanket for now. Later on, I want frosted glass panels in it!

Hopefully it looks as good as I think it does! And I'm always open to suggestions, if you'd like to share! Are you like me where once you start designing, cleaning, decorating, etc...that you find it hard to stop?! I just want to keep going, but there's this stupid thing called a budget. ;) So I'm taking it one room at a time!


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