Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to Depot Eyeshadows

I know this method works for MAC and Urban Decay and I assume that it would work for several other similarly packaged eyeshadows. I do use heat with this method. The one that requires no heat takes more effort than my lazy ol' self will allow! ;)

You'll need: a hair straightener, a sharp pointed knife, scissors, and magnetic tape or magnets. Magnetic tape can be found in most craft stores. I got mine at Michael's.

Using the knife, pop it into the plastic as shown. You'll hear a click and just pop the whole black pot out. If you knife gets glue on it at all, alcohol will easily take it off.

I use my really old hair straightener for this step, because I don't care if it gets anything on it. I have never had the problem, but if you leave them on for too long the plastic can stick to the plates. If you are using your current hair straightener, you can just put down a piece of wax paper between the shadows and plates. Place both of the pieces from the previous step onto the straightener.

While they are getting warm, cut out the pieces of magnets that you will need. Just big enough to cover the back of the eyeshadow pan.

Check the pan with the label. If you move your knife under the label, then you can go ahead and peel it off. If it is not coming off easily, stick it back on the heat. After the label is done, you can put the plastic package to the side.

Don't be impatient with this next part. Take the shadow off of the heat and pry your knife right between the pan and the plastic tray. If you can lift it easily, it is ready. If it starts to bend in, put it back on the heat for a moment. If you try to pry them up when the glue is not heated thoroughly, your eyeshadow will chip off. It's happened to me a few times. It's not a big deal, but by a completely vain's not as pretty. :) Then, take the plastic tray and snap it right back into the packaging. Check with your MAC first, but most will allow this to count towards the Back to MAC program without the metal pan.

Put the magnet on, followed by the label. Then, pop it into your palette.

Finished product. I depotted Crazy Cool and Shock-A-Holic and put them in my Pinks and Purples palette. You can see where I rushed through some of my depotting where the chipped off spots are.

This is very different from the method used to depot the new MAC packaged quads. If I get one during the Fabulous Felines Collection, I will show you how to do that. It's much more complicated, unfortunately. I learned the hard way how to do those during the Spring Colour Forecast Collection! Hope this tutorial was helpful to some of you!


Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

hi wendy! i depotted most of my MAC shadows already using a candle.. i dont line the smell of a burning plastic. next time, i will use your method.

I am interested in knowing how to depot the new packaged quads. the pan is different from the old quads. I cant seem to find a way to remove the top part of the pan. I cant find a youtube tutorial on this. I hope you can share it with me. :)


Lillian said...

Ooo! Smart! I had been wondering how to depot MAC shadows. Thanks for posting this!

Linh said...

I always stay away from hair straighteners when I depot because I'm such a klutz! lol. I usually either do the candle method or the no-heat method (but I find this method really tiring).

Great tutorial! =D

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