Friday, August 6, 2010

Fall Trends 2010

1. Neutral Colors. A shirt dress like the one above hits two trends at once with being neutral and being menswear (while not being a personal favorite to be on my own list, it is also a fall trend!).

2. A-line skirts. This is a very flattering fit for most girls, emphasizing the smallest part of your waist.

3. Rich hues of color. Bordeaux, aubergine, and mustard yellow are popular choices. Add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe!

4. Pullover sweaters. Fitted or slouchy, as long as it is cozy. Even better if layered over a patterned or brightly colored top.

5. Lace. It can be in small doses on your accessories or you can rock a whole dress made of the seductive fabric!

6. Denim. This was a trend from Spring/Summer, but I think it is going to carry into fall. The jackets look great layered over dresses and will fight off the autumn breezes. And denim on denim is a huge hit right now.

7. Leopard print. Rock that print on anything and release your inner animal. Can you guess that this is my favorite trend? Oh yeah!

8. Straight hair. Put away those curling irons and whip out your flat irons! Curls are taking a backside this fall. However, if rocking the curls, a very disheveled look is the trend.

Let me know what your favorite fall trend is! Are you loving a trend that didn't make my list? I cannot wait for autumn to get here. It is my absolute favorite season and I'll be happy to walk out and not be a buffet for insects. :) Have a great weekend!


Linh said...

I really want to get some a-line skirts. Do you recommend any stores to get them from? Any specific brands or anything like that?

I don't really follow trends that much... but I think it's because I'm so far behind when it comes to fashion! lol. Although I do kind of wear darker looks in the fall when it comes to makeup.

Wendy Banner said...

Cheap & Trendy:
Old Navy

More expensive:
Saks Fifth Avenue

If you do a search for "a-line skirts" on each of their sites, you will find some really nice options! I get printed ones at the cheaper places, because the print won't always be in style. With a nice basic color, I shop higher brand for quality because this can become a wardrobe staple!

I love and follow trends, only when I know I would apply them to my own wardrobe. I also like to get on the ones that have staying power. People are wearing those fur vests right now, but that won't be in style for that long. So why bother? I'd rather purchase something that has a chance of sticking around or can be used around other trends in fashion. :)

Linh said...

Thanks! I think I'll stop by H&M & F21 for the colorful skirts and Nordstrom for the black ones.

And you're right! I would definitely purchase things that can be used around other trends instead of buying something that will only last for a couple of months.

Can you do a post about what type of clothes would look good in certain body shapes? I've tried searching for stuff online, but descriptions doesn't really help me... I actually have to see the examples!

Wendy Banner said...

Sure! I'll add it to my upcoming posts list! I can break down the shapes more and provide clothing examples that would look good on that body type. :)

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