Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthday: Clothes

All of my clothes from my birthday are from Old Navy, with the exception of two Gap tees. I got a gift card since it is my favorite bargain place to shop. Of course if you have been following my blog for awhile now, you already know that. :) The best thing is that they are finally listening to consumers and offering shipping to more countries. About time!

Yeah, I forgot to take a picture of them earlier. So you get this. Ha! These PJ bottoms are so comfortable! I don't know if I ever want to take them off.
pink heart jersey lounge pants

This has a little lacrosse design across the front, which is what caught my eye! I love lacrosse and Canada, so there you have it. What I like most about this hoodie is that it is a longer length than most.

The shirts and sweaters! They had a great sale going on, so these were all either on sale or clearance. Bargain should be my middle name!
earth cable knit sweater, purple twisted neck tee, gray cardigan, light gray v-neck sweater

Athletic wear. I got the red pants, because once again they mention lacrosse. I'm a sucker, what can I say?! :) I have been getting more of their yoga pants and capris lately, because they changed them a bit. They fit a little more and they do not lose the shape. So I picked out this pair with the maple leaf and pretty stripes.
red sweatpants, maple leaf yoga pants, striped yoga capris

Two vintage tees from Gap. I got a 30% off coupon in my email, so I decided to see what they had. I generally do not shop at the Gap, as I find that Old Navy has similar styles for cheaper prices. I realize that they are owned by the same company, but why pay more for generally the same thing? That's just me, of course. I do like the Gap's tank tops more, but I was sad to see that they had none on the middle of summer?! Oh well. These ended up catching my eye!
vintage tees

With six weeks of summer left, I found myself looking ahead to the fall. The best time to buy sweaters and jackets are during the summer! Plus, fall is my favorite season. It can't get here fast enough. I love sweater and cardigan weather (the only thing I end up missing is my sandals and flip-flops!). ♥ What's your favorite season?


Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

Summer is my fave season.. I love going to the beach :)

I have the same vintage tees from GAP ☺

Anonymous said...

Nice haul, all the clothes looks super cute and super comfy.

I love autumn. When it is not too hot neither too cold.
We have a terrible chain of really hot weather here and I am dying because of that. I hate when I am sweating all the time.

Kate said...

I have an obsession with heart pattern PJ bottoms - I love wearing them around the house - oh the glamour! Haha! Cute haul :)

Wendy Banner said...

@ilvoeshopping- The only time I like summer is when I'm on the beach! Haha!

@Yarisse- Definitely agree! I'm from the south and you'd think I'd be used to it, but maybe these years up in Canada changed me. :D

@Kat O- Cute pajamas are the best! The only problem is when it comes to taking them off...I just never want to. LOL!

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