Monday, June 7, 2010

Niagara Falls Trip Haul Pt. 3

Here's the clothes part of what I got over the border. I decided I'd actually wear them in the pictures instead of just hanging them up. So consider these a bunch of OOTDs (minus accessories), because I'll be wearing them out soon!

I cut my head off in them, because I didn't even feel like trying to make myself presentable today. Disregard the messy room, because I'm still in the middle of spring cleaning...and it's almost summer. Oops! :P I did attempt to take them on my balcony, but the wind made it very difficult and I really didn't feel like having a "Marilyn Monroe moment" with my dresses flying up!

Heads up that they are all floral except for one! What can I say? I love floral prints! Also let me know if you liked me posting it like this as opposed to stock pictures and closet pictures.

Floral romper from Target! This is my first romper since probably 1991. :D It has a smocked top and is sleeveless. My arms are not my strong suit, so I paired it with this black cardigan. Most rompers do not help your shape at all, so I cinched my waist with an elastic belt. It draws your eyes upward. Belt is Torrid and cardigan is from Walmart, which I already owned.

The two outfits above are the same only I switched the belts in the two. I wanted to show you the new cream colored belt I got from Torrid on the trip. I'm not sure which belt I like more with the outfit, but I'm leaning towards the cream one because it's not as expected. The red rose tap shorts are from Torrid and it's the same cardigan as the first outfit. I paired the shorts with a tank top from Old Navy. Only the shorts and cream belt were bought on the trip.

The dress is from Target and the cardigan is from Old Navy (which I already owned). The dress has sleeves, as you'll see in the dress below. It has an elasticized waist band and a ribbon that ties to the back. Super lightweight fabric perfect for the summer heat!

Same as above with the waist and ribbon on the dress. On seeing this and falling in love, I realized that I don't have a lot of yellow in my closet. Yellow isn't a color that looks good on everyone, but if done right in small doses as above it can! The dress is from Target.

And here's the lone ranger- the one that is not a floral print! I really liked the tribal-esque print! Again as with the above dresses, it has the same fit with the waist and sleeves. I paired it with the same Old Navy white cardigan as picture above with the pink dress. Dress is from Target. I think it might even be my favorite one that I got!

There you have it for the clothes! The CCO haul will be next!

Edit: I take that back! I forgot to show a really cute Old Navy tank that I got! A stock picture will suffice due to me overlooking it!

It has shiny fish on it! It's not sequins. It feels kind of like fabric paint and it's shimmery. It fits loosely and has a longer length. I got two other tank tops from there at the same time. One is an active tee that says something along the lines of "Get Out and Stay Active", though I'm not looking at it at the moment. The other was an American Flag tank that I wore for Memorial Day. The three tanks cost me all of $7! Score!


Unknown said...

lovelovelove the 1st dress!

Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

What great finds, and you're all set for summer!

PS. thank you for the package, I am loving the gel liner :)


Linh said...

I like your sense of style! Unfortunately, all I ever wear are jeans and t-shirts! I try to find cute dresses and stuff for the summer, but it never seems to look good when I'm in the fitting room.

Wendy Banner said...

@OMA- I'm looking to add events to my calendar just so I can wear them out and about! Haha! So glad it arrived to you safe and sound! I can't say enough fantastic things about that eyeliner. :)

Wendy Banner said...

@Linh- Thank you! I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl a lot of the time too. I'm a sucker for comfort and basics, but something about summer makes me want to break out the dresses!

I don't trust fitting rooms at all. The lighting is never great and the mirrors are just horrible. I know my body really well and know what will work on it. I go into the store look at what I like, inspect it, think if I'd actually wear it, what do I own that will go with it, and those pretty much help my decision. :)

Besides you're adorable and I think you'd look great in just about anything. You're selling yourself short! <3

Linh said...

I think it's wonderful that you know what will look good for you! I can't do that yet! lol. Most of the dresses I find (& like) usually make me look a lot bigger than I really am. I'm really lost and gave up a while ago... And it's absolutely fabulous that you think before you buy... I have a problem with that.

Thanks for the sweet comment! =) I know this is weird, but I know you from spoiledgirls! We never had a conversation or anything, but we're friends on (which says our musical compatibility is SUPER), twitter (I deleted that account though), and I used to have another blog we'd somewhat exchange comments once in a while. Haha, that's complete random, I know, but I felt the need to say that for some reason.

Wendy Banner said...

@Linh- It took me a long time. And let me just say...Spanx and the like go a long way for me. Haha!

I thought so! Sourish, right? :)

Linh said...

I've always wanted to try Spanx, but I'm afraid of ordering in the wrong size... I've heard horror stories! lol!

Yes! I'm surprised you remembered! =)

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